Rules for using the Center

To all users, please observe the following rules regarding the use of the center in order to behave in a reasonable manner. This is to avoid inconveniencing other staff members, students and visitors to the center. Please ensure that you follow these rules at all times. Those members of staff in charge of fieldcourses, in particular, will asked to ensure that these rules are closely following, especially by the students taking the fieldcourse. If you have any questions, please contact the center staff.

Rules for using the Center(Please read carefully) 

1 Use of Center equipment

  •   Please contact the faculty member or office of the center. We will check the availability. Please note that many fieldcourses are be held between early July to September, so it may not be available.

  •   Although it is possible to provide meals at the center, we cannot provide a complete allergy-friendly menu.

  •   Please do not use the research and educational equipment, equipment and consumables in the center without asking. If you cause damage to the facilities and/or equipment, you may be asked to reimburse the center according to the rules of the university.

  •   You cannot drive one of the center vehicles or operate a research vessel.

  •   If you want to use the book, please contact the office and return it after use.

  •   If you wish to use the center for training, seminars, etc., please contact the faculty member or administration staff at the center about the specific details of use, room that you wish to use, equipment you want to use, items that will be brought, etc. In addition, depending on the purpose of use and schedule, we may reject the application for use. * After consent is granted to use the center, we will notify the faculty member in charge about the acceptance

  •   If you wish to send research equipment or training equipment in advance, please contact the office and make sure that the equipment arrives during business hours (8: 30-17: 00) on weekdays.

  • You can access the Internet by connecting to the LAN in the center.

    •   If you belong to an institution that is a member of eduroam, you can connect to the Internet via eduroam.

    •   If you cannot use eduroam, please contact the office.

    •   On-campus wireless LAN system (UTLAN) can be used by our faculty members and students. The connection method is the same as that of our university.

2 About connection to the center network

Please observe the following rules when connecting to the center network.

  •   Make sure there are no virus infecting your device before connecting.

  •   Pay particular attention to the types of viruses that are transmitted via USB. For this, enable "display hidden files" and confirm that there is no infection. When using USB, check for viruses in the USB using "Scan" or "Perform virus scan" in the security software.

  •   Install security software (Norton, Virus Buster, etc.) on each terminal computer.

  •   Prohibit connection to the network of a computer on which file exchange software such as WINNY is installed.

3 Biological collection and survey at the center

4 About the use of Shikine Island Station

  •   The Shikine Island Station can only be used when the staff members of this center accompany you.

  •   For details on the facilities and research facilities of Shikine Island Station, please consult with the faculty member in charge of acceptance in advance.

  •   There is no internet provided. If you want to use it, please organise it by yourself.

  •   Meals are not available, but cooking is possible.

  •   The bathroom and toilet are unisex.

  •   Please settle the usage fee by the day before the usage date.

  •   Please bring your own research items and consumables.

5 Research Achievements

  •   When presenting research results that were conducted at the center, please state that the Shimoda Marine Research Center was used. When the paper is published, please send a copy of the PDF to the Administration office of the center and submit it. Research papers related to research conducted at the center are summarized and published as "Achievements of Shimoda Marine Research Center, University of Tsukuba".

6 Procedures at the start and end of usage

  •   At the start

    •   After confirming the number of meals and room allocation at the office, please pay the accommodation and meal expenses, receive the usage permit (name tag), and the room key. (In principle, it is prepaid)

  •   While using the center

    •   Please wear a license (name tag).
      If you lose it, please contact the office immediately.

  •   At the end

    •   After cleaning and organizing the used rooms and facilities, fill out the end-of-use checklist and contact the office and the faculty member in charge of acceptance.

    •   Please return the name tag and the key of the accommodation room you used to the office.

    •   Be sure to take your carry-on equipment, chemicals, samples, and waste liquid with you.

7 Use of the accommodation building

  •   Please be aware that for short stays, it may sometimes be necessary for the rooms to be shared

  •   Men and women cannot share the same room.

  •   Please contact us if you have any requests regarding room allocation.

  •   Students belonging to the center live in the accommodation building, as well as other visitors to the center. Please observe the following usage rules in order to not inconvenience others. ※Because of the large number of students, especially during practical training, the instructor should take responsibility and provide thorough guidance.

    •   Room entry / exit time: Check-in 15:00 / Check-out 10:00

    •   Meals: Lunch, dinner, and breakfast from Tuesday to Friday are available. (Excluding holidays)
           Breakfast is from 7:30 to 8:30, lunch is from 12:00 to 13:00, and dinner is from 17:30 to 18:30.
           ※Please be punctual.

    •   Meals are self-service. For details, please see the notice in the cafeteria.

    •   For changes after application, please contact the center office at least 3 days before the start date of use.

    •   For fieldcourses only, if you go out into the field for collections and are unable to return in time, we will prepare a lunch box (rice balls, etc.) for lunch, so please consult with the instructor or technical staff in charge of accepting.

    •   Bathing time: 17:00 - 22:00
             Follow the instructions on the bulletin board at the bathroom entrance.
             The user should hang the tag in use.

    •   When leaving Please put the used sheets, pillowcases, sleepers, and towelettes (summer only) in the laundry container on the 1st floor of the W and E buildings when you leave the room.
      Close the windows of the room, separate the trash, and dispose of it in the designated place.
      If you used the air conditioner, make sure it stopped.

8 Equipment use and precautions

  •   You can use a washing machine and a dryer. Please bring your own detergent.

  •   To save electricity, please cooperate in turning off the lights and stopping the air conditioning when you are absent.

  •   Eating, drinking and smoking are strictly prohibited in the accommodation room.

  •   The kitchen is off limits.

  •   On weekends and holidays, you can use the cooking utensils and tableware in the cafeteria.

  •   If you use any kitchenware or utensils, please clean it up thoroughly afterwards.

  •   Please do not disturb other guests when eating, drinking and chatting in the cafeteria.

9 Other precautions

  •   Smoking is prohibited in all buildings.

  •   No drinking in the research building.

  •   Fireworks and bonfires are prohibited on the premises of the center.

  •   Since the parking lot is limited, please inform the office in advance of the size of the car if you come by private car.

  •   As a general rule, students participating in fieldcourses should use public transportation. It is prohibited to come by private car or motorcycle.

  •   Please be careful about fire and theft and try to prevent accidents.