Center usage that requires scuba-diving

For those who wish to perform diving work when using the center, please carefully read the following before applying:

(1) "Shimoda Marine Research Center regulations for diving work" (listed below)

(2) "Shimoda Marine Research Center regulations for biological sample collections and surveys" (click here)

(3) "Shimoda Marine Research Center regulations for ship use and associated bylaws" (click here, Japanese only)

If you require the support of technical staff, please be sure to contact the technical staff before applying for use of the center.

When you are ready to apply, please download the documents required for application in the "How to apply" section of the 'Visiting the Center' page.

The relevant faculty member at the center will be notified if usage is permitted. If you have any questions, please ask the relevant faculty member at the center.

Shimoda Marine Research Center - regulations for diving work 

Article 1    This agreement complies with relevant laws and regulations such as diver accident prevention and fishery adjustment rules, high pressure work safety and health rules, etc. when diving for research conducted at the Shimoda Marine Research Center, local fishermen and fishery cooperatives. The purpose is to maintain safety and follow local rules.

Article 2    If you wish to perform diving work, please contact the relevant faculty member and the technical staff of the center in advance, in order to prepare a diving plan.

Article 3    As a general rule, for diving work, you must have a scuba license and diving insurance, and be able to submit your past 30 diving logs (date, water depth, work content) and the results of a medical check within the past year.

Article 4    As a general rule, when diving, you must use a diving cylinder supplied by the center.

Article 5    The prescribed pledge and consent form must be submitted to the center director in advance.

Article 6    Take out insurance that covers any accidents that occur during diving.

Article 7    Diving alone or diving at night are not permitted.

Article 8    Diving work shall be carried out under the supervision of a center faculty member and/or center technical staff member.

Article 9    Please ensure that you carry and display the diving/collection flag during surveys.

Article 10    Acts that violate fishing regulations are strictly prohibited.

Article 11    If a diver intentionally or through gross negligence causes damage to another person or institution's property, etc., the cost equivalent to the damage shall be borne by the diver and the collector.

Article 12    The Center is not responsible for any accidents that occur during diving work, collections, or investigations.

Article 13    If a center user violates this agreement or seriously interferes with the operation of the center, the center director may revoke or suspend the approval of its use.

Article 14    When publishing the results of research using the center, clearly state that the research was conducted using the center.