Center usage that requires use of the ship/boats

For those who require use of the ship/boats, please carefully read the following before applying:

(1) "Shimoda Marine Research Center regulations for use of the ship/boats" (listed below)

(2) "Shimoda Marine Research Center regulations for biological sample collections and surveys" (click here)

(3) "Shimoda Marine Research Center regulations for ship use and associated bylaws" (click here, Japanese only)

If you need the support of technical staff , please be sure to contact the technical staff before applying for use of the center.

When you are ready to apply, please download the documents required for application in the "How to apply" section of the 'Visiting the Center' page.

The faculty member in charge of the center will be notified when the usage is permitted. If you have any questions, please ask the instructor in charge at the center.

Shimoda Marine Research Center - regulations for use of the ship/boats 

Article 1    The purpose of this agreement is to ensure safe and smooth operation without accidents when using the vessels to conduct research at the Shimoda Marine Research Center.

Article 2    After sufficient discussions with the center technical staff regarding the specific contents of the survey plan, the required equipment to be used, etc., you must then fill out the Shimoda Marine Research Center Ship Use Application Form and apply.

Article 3    For the research vessel "Tsukuba II", the user shall pay the usage fee specified in the attached table.

Article 4    Life jackets (life jackets) must be worn when boarding and onboard the ship.

Article 5    In order to prevent any accidents, etc., the instructions of the center technical staff must be followed at all times. If you violate this, you may be unable to use the vessel in the future.

Article 6    If the collector / investigator intentionally or through gross negligence causes damage to another person or institution's property, etc., the cost equivalent to the damage shall be borne by the collector / investigator.

Article 7    The Center is not responsible for any accidents that occur during collection / investigation.

Article 8    If a center user violates this agreement or seriously interferes with the operation of the center, the center director may revoke or suspend the approval of its use.