Center usage that requires biological sample collection

For those who require the collection of biological samples, please carefully read the following before applying:

(1) "Shimoda Marine Research Center guidelines for the collection of biological samples" (listed below)

(2) "Shimoda Marine Research Center regulations for biological sample collections and surveys" (click here)

Please understand that for collection of biological samples and surveys, there are procedures that must be followed such as contacting the responsible local fisheries office. If you need the support of technical staff , please be sure to contact the technical staff before applying for use of the center.

When you are ready to apply, please download the documents required for application in the "How to apply" section of the 'Visiting the Center' page.

Acceptance will be decided in consultation with the center faculty members and technical staff.

If you have any questions, please ask the instructor in charge at the center.

Shimoda Marine Research Center - guidelines for the collection of biological samples 

Guideline 1    From the standpoint of resource protection and prevention of environmental destruction, we may decline the request or limit the number of collected individuals if the number of living species is small or the number of requested individuals is extremely large.

Guideline 2    Following collection, it is preferable to come to the center and perform the necessary research here.

Guideline 3    If it is unavoidable, the user should take the collected specimens back to their own laboratory.

Guideline 4    As a general rule, we will refuse transportation requests by Takkyubin.