University of Tsukuba International Education and Research Unit - "Ocean Acidification International Field Studies Laboratory"

In order to contribute to the achievement of the goals of the Super Global Initiative, the University of Tsukuba started the "Overseas Education and Research Unit Invitation" in 2015 to invite foreign researchers from overseas world-class universities or research institutes. Through this project, the "Ocean Acidification International Field Studies Laboratory" was set up at the Shimoda Marine Research Center, and the research group of the center centered on Shikinejima, the world's first ocean acidification research field in the temperate zone. Will carry out comprehensive research on the physiology, behavior, development and ecology of marine organisms. Many collaborators from home and abroad will participate in this project. This Overseas Education and Research Unit plays a central role in promoting international joint research and collaboration.


Professor Jason M. Hall-Spencer, School of Marine Science and Engineering, Plymouth University, UK

Assistant Professor Lucia Porzio