This organisational structure is under the process of being re-organised.

President : Prof. Kazuo INABA ( University of Tsukuba )
Vice President : Prof. Yoshitaka OKA ( University of Tokyo )


JAMBIO Staff at University of Tsukuba   JAMBIO Staff at University of Tokyo

JAMBIO Advisory Board

University of Tsukuba

Dr. Kazuo INABA Director / Professor, Shimoda Marine Research Center
Dr. Hiroshi WADA Professor, Structural Biosciences, Graduate School of Life and Environmental Sciences (Tsukuba)

University of Tokyo

Dr. Yoshitaka OKA Department of Biological Sciences, Graduate School of Science (Tokyo)
Director / Professor Center for Marine Biology
Dr. Koji AKASAKA Director / Professor, Misaki Marine Biological Station
Principal Investigator, Marine Biology Research Unit

Professors from other Institutes and Universities

Dr. Tatsuya SAKAMOTO Director / Professor, Ushimado Marine Institute,
Okayama University
Dr. Hideharu NUMATA Professor, Faculty of Science,Kyoto University
Vice-president,The Zoological Society of Japan Center
Dr. Mutsumi NISHIDA Vice-president, University of the Ryukyus
Dr. Naoto UENO deputy director / Professor, National Institute for Basic Biology