Dr. Colwell The 33rd International Prize for Biology has been awarded to Dr. Rita Rossi Colwell, Distinguished University Professor, University of Maryland, College Park, USA. This symposium was orchestrated to commemorate Dr. Colwell's award.
 This year, the field chosen for the prize was "Marine Biology." Dr. Colwell introduced new approaches for identifying and classifying marine bacteria, and established the taxonomy of vibrios, which include Vibrio cholerae. Based on ecological studies of marine bacteria, she proposed that as a key survival strategy, vibrio cells can enter a state in which they remain viable but cannot be cultured. This concept has had a profound influence on microbiology and medicine. Noting that vibrios are expanding their habitat range due to global warming, she showed the connection of this to the wider occurrence of cholera. She has won high acclaim also for her efforts toward cholera prevention in developing countries.

 for more information:http://www.jsps.go.jp/j-biol/index.html

December 5 Program・Registration   December 6  Program・Registration
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Farooq Azam (SIO, UC San Diego)   Edward Ruby  (Univ Hawaii)
Willie Wilson (SAHFOS)   Hiroyuki Yamamoto (Jamstec)
Gerhard Herndl (Univ Vienna)   Myriam Sibuet (IFREMER)
Hiroyuki Mori (Kyoto Univ)   Chris Bowler (IBENS)
Yutaka Yawata (Univ Tsukuba)   Jason Hall-Spencer (Plymouth Univ)
Nicole Dubilier (Max Planck Inst)   Rita Colwell (Univ Maryland) ※Laureate Lecture
Kazuhiro Kogure (Univ Tokyo)   Steve Palumbi (Stanford Univ)
Toshi Nagata (Univ Tokyo)   Sylvain Agostini (Univ Tsukuba)
Hiroyuki Ogata (Kyoto Univ)   Shigeki Wada (Univ Tsukuba)
Minoru Wada (Nagasaki Univ)   Abby McQuatters-Gollop (Plymouth Univ)

Dec. 5 (Tue)・6 (Wed)

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